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b0174x: Carla Fernandez
45 images, £ 26.55 BUY!

This set also appears under Brigitte Barclay using the same set code.
b0174w: Carla Fernandez
45 images, £ 26.55 BUY!

This set also appears under Brigitte Barclay using the same set code.
b0174v: Carla Fernandez
45 images, £ 26.55 BUY!

This set also appears under Brigitte Barclay using the same set code.
bx0078: Carla Fernandez
58 images, £ 34.22 BUY!

This set also appears under Shanine Linton using the same set code.
bw0078: Carla Fernandez
58 images, £ 34.22 BUY!

This set also appears under Shanine Linton using the same set code.
bv0078: Carla Fernandez
58 images, £ 34.22 BUY!

This set also appears under Shanine Linton using the same set code.
bv0280: Carla Fernandez
66 images, £ 38.94 BUY!

cca0338: Carla Fernandez
110 images, £ 64.9 BUY!

ccc0337: Carla Fernandez
92 images, £ 54.28 BUY!

ccb0337: Carla Fernandez
94 images, £ 55.46 BUY!

cca0337: Carla Fernandez
92 images, £ 54.28 BUY!

v0545: Carla Fernandez
107 images, £ 59.92 BUY!

b0280: Carla Fernandez
65 images, £ 36.4 BUY!

b0108: Carla Fernandez
48 images, £ 28.32 BUY!

This set also appears under Joanna Birch Jones using the same set code.
a0824: Carla Fernandez
85 images, £ 47.6 BUY!

b0174: Carla Fernandez Brigette Barclay
89 images, £ 49.84 BUY!

b78: Carla Fernandez
42 images, £ 23.52 BUY!

b74: Carla Fernandez
73 images, £ 40.88 BUY!

w0550: Carla Fernandez
80 images, £ 44.8 BUY!

v0550: Carla Fernandez
80 images, £ 44.8 BUY!

v0549: Carla Fernandez Best of Men Only No 30
71 images, £ 39.76 BUY!

Another selection of shots from set A54 with Carla Fernandez as she appeared in Men Only Volume 57 Number 13. The set was used again in The Best of Men Only Number 30 from 1993. Nevile the editor used another 12 pictures of Carla so we can assume that Nev thought I'd hit the mark with this set.
a0550: Carla Fernandez
79 images, £ 44.24 BUY!

a0549: Carla Fernandez
72 images, £ 40.32 BUY!

a0545: Carla Fernandez Club Pour Homme 81
108 images, £ 60.48 BUY!

French Club pour Homme number 81 used some shots from this set. As was the norm with this mag they printed the set on 5 pages and used 8 shots and being French added a bit of pink.
a0055: Carla Fernandez Mayfair Vol 27 No10
28 images, £ 15.68 BUY!

No matter what they call this girl, and in this case she's called April Stevens there's no mistaking Carla Fernandez, one of the world's most popular models with followers in Japan, USA and Australia. Mayfair Volume 27 Number 10 used a massive 20 pictures from this Joanie Allum photo shoot, printed them over 10 pages, gave her the centrefold and the GIRL OF THE MONTH, so all in all we can say that the magazine thought this was a terrific set. We've got a further 28 pictures for you to download and enjoy, all of which will print to a full size magazine page. read more...
a0054: Carla Fernadez Men Only Vol 57 No13
41 images, £ 22.96 BUY!

This set of photos first appeared in Men Only volume 57 number 13 and then again in the Best of Men Only number 30. Carla was originally from Madeira and I first met her in London where she was a student. One of my most popular models downloaded and here I've got another 41 pix for you. read more...
a0053: Carla Fernandez
14 images, £ 7.84 BUY!

a0052: Carla Fernandez Mayfair Vol 27 No13
73 images, £ 40.88 BUY!

Decembers issue of Mayfair Volume 27 contained this 10 page spread of Carla Fernandez looking absolutely stunning in a parir of floral pajamas. Shot by Joanie Allum the editor Stephen Bleach, used 16 pictures of Carla and gave her the centrefold too. We've got and extra 41 FULL SIZE pictures from this set so you can match them up against the pix in the magazine and see if you think that the editor picked the correct shots.
a0051: Carla Fernandez Men Only V58 No8
24 images, £ 13.44 BUY!

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